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Inside tvOS 10: New Apple TV Remote app for iPhone replaces your Siri Remote

Alongside the forthcoming tvOS 10 update for the fourth-generation Apple TV, Apple will also be releasing an all-new Remote app for iOS that will replicate the functionality of the Siri Remote in almost every way.

Both tvOS 10 and the new Apple TV Remote app are available to registered developers for beta testing. Rather than a simple upgrade of the existing Remote app for iOS, the update appears to be a complete revamp.

Upon launching the beta, users are presented with a plain screen that includes a button to "Add Apple TV." Pressing it will automatically search the local Wi-Fi network for a nearby device.

Pairing is as simple as tapping on the desired Apple TV, then entering a four-digit code in the iPhone app after it is displayed on the TV screen.

Once connected, the new Remote app works largely the same as the Siri Remote. The top of the display is used as a trackpad for navigation, allowing a user to move and scroll by swiping their thumb.

Quickly tapping on the trackpad portion will select an item, or users can utilize the force sensing 3D Touch display of the iPhone 6s for a haptic feedback when pressing firmly to select.

At the bottom, the new Remote app includes a large Menu button for navigating back, as well as the dedicated Home button in the bottom right corner. To the left is a play/pause button, and in the center is a Siri button that must be held down in order to speak queries to the fourth-generation Apple TV.

The new Remote app replicates all of the functionality of the Siri Remote with one key omission — volume control. While the Siri Remote has dedicated volume buttons and infrared blaster to work with legacy devices, the iPhone lacks an IR blaster to adjust the volume on a receiver, TV set or soundbar.

The Remote app for iOS does offer one thing that the Siri Remote cannot, however —  a new "Now Playing" button is located in the upper right corner. When listening to music, users can tap on this to view the artist and album art for the current track, and see more advanced navigation controls for skipping back and forward.

It should be noted that in its current incarnation, there does not appear to be a way for the Remote app to access other types of devices, such as iTunes music playback controls from a nearby Mac or Windows PC. Those functions are, of course, still available in the existing Remote app, which remains a free download on the App Store.

Both tvOS and the new Remote app are scheduled to launch this fall.