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Apple preps first Mexican Apple Store ahead of push into Latin America

While Apple's growth, or lack thereof, in Greater China grabs headlines, work continues on a planned expansion into untapped markets like Mexico, where the company is poised to open its first retail store later this year.

As seen in the image above, provided to AppleInsider by a trusted source, Apple's first store in Mexico City is beginning to take shape at the Centro Santa Fe mall. The upcoming outlet, currently masked by a telltale black construction barrier, is roughly three times the size of the regular boutique storefronts that comprise the mall's upscale Via Santa Fe wing.

Like other recent in-mall Apple Store openings, the Santa Fe location is expected to feature a "next generation" design language with space for a Genius Bar, custom wooden cabinetry for accessories, iconic wooden tables and an ample sales floor. Whether the outlet will rate the 37-foot, custom built TV display Apple has been installing as part of larger U.S. and international Apple Store renovations is unknown.

The company has yet to set a date for the Santa Fe's store's grand opening, though people familiar with the matter believe an announcement might arrive within two months. Most recently, Apple began accepting job applications for the Mexico City store in January.

AppleInsider first reported on Apple's Mexican retail debut in January. At the time, a source familiar with Apple's plans said Mexico City will be home to two Apple Stores, including a "global flagship" similar in scale to Apple's Union Square flagship in San Francisco.

Subsequent reports claim Apple intends to expand into Guadalajara and Monterrey. Prior to that, however, the company is working to establish a presence beyond online sales and reseller channels in nearby countries Argentina, Chile and Peru, sources said.

Apple is looking to Latin America as a potential growth market amid a slowdown in Greater China sales. As it stands, however, the company's assets in the region are limited to two brick-and-mortar stores in Brazil.