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Hong Kong Apple Pay users get support for Bank of East Asia and HKT Tap & Go

On Tuesday, Hong Kong residents gained access to two more payment options for Apple Pay, namely the Bank of East Asia and Hong Kong Telekom's Tap & Go.

Bank of East Asia customers can add credit cards from both Visa and MasterCard. To encourage adoption, people who add a card between today and Aug. 22 will get 5,000 bonus points, plus a HK$20 Circle K i-Coupon if they're also mobile banking users. The first 30,000 card accounts to make three or more Apple Pay transactions between now and Oct. 31 will get a 25 percent cash rebate, up to HK$180 per account.

HKT's Tap & Go customers can add their prepaid cards to Apple Pay, and are being given a similar though smaller-scale adoption bonus. From today until Aug. 31, people who make three or more Apple Pay transactions can get a HK$50 rebate, though each purchase must be worth at least that amount.

Several other local banks already support Apple Pay: DBS, Hang Seng, HSBC, Standard Chartered, and the Bank of China.

Apple Pay's international reach has expanded considerably in the past several months, coming to regions like Canada, Singapore, France, and Switzerland. Indeed Hong Kong only picked up support in July.