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Frank Ocean releases visual album 'Endless' on Apple Music

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Some four years after his last full studio release, R&B singer Frank Ocean on Thursday debuted a new visual album called "Endless" exclusively on Apple Music.

Unlike previous visual albums debuted through iTunes, Ocean's effort is an uncut 45-minute long black-and-white video of what appears to be the singer building a set of stairs in a workshop. Dubbed over the video are previously unheard tracks from what is assumedly Ocean's upcoming album "Boys Don't Cry."

Earlier today, Pitchfork received word of tonight's release from an Apple Music representative, who hinted that more content was coming this weekend. Ocean is widely expected to debut a long-awaited album entitled "Boys Don't Cry" after first revealing work on the project in 2013.

Reports earlier this month suggested Apple Music had scored exclusive first rights to "Boys Don't Cry," which was supposedly set to debut on Aug. 5. Since then, however, there has been little news from Ocean's camp.

Whether "Endless" contains a full track list from "Boys Don't Cry," or is meant to be a standalone bonus, is unknown.

The entire visual album is available for streaming on Apple Music.