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Alleged 'iPhone 7' prototype sticker points to 32GB of storage on base models

A sticker claimed to be from a returned "iPhone 7" prototype at Foxconn may reinforce rumors that Apple is raising base storage on the device to 32 gigabytes.

The sticker identifies the prototype as "1902 of 3000," with a return date of Aug. 29, according to regular Twitter leak source The Malignant, who commented that "testing season is over." The device is labeled as a "D10," something consistent with earlier leaked photos of an alleged "iPhone 7" running Apple test software.

The Malignant added that Apple had at least three prototype varieties, including the D10, D11, and D12. Rumors once indicated that the company was considering three different "iPhone 7" variants — one of them possibly being the "Pro" — but regardless, Apple is believed to have settled on a standard/Plus split.

Several credible reports have pointed to Apple increasing default storage to 32 gigabytes, presumably because memory prices have fallen and the 16 gigabytes offered on earlier iPhones is now impractical. Both apps and iOS itself have gradually increased in size, and even people who rely mostly on cloud services like Apple Music or Google Photos need room to cache their media. The iPhone 6s can shoot 4K video, but 16-gigabyte models can save only a tiny amount.

It remains to be seen if Apple will double storage on other models as well, as sometimes claimed, which would put top end models at 256 gigabytes. The company is set to announce its new iPhones on Sept. 7.