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Purported 'Apple Watch 2' display assembly broken down by repair shop

A UK-based repair shop has taken extreme measures to disassemble the alleged "Apple Watch 2" parts that they obtained, and have revealed differences between the original Apple Watch and the potential refresh.

In repair shop Byte's newest video, the company disassembled the display component from alleged "Apple Watch 2" parts that they had previously sourced. Byte claims that the the "incredibly thin" display is the "most advanced display of its kind."

When disassembled, the LCD thickness is 0.4mm as measured on a micrometer. Including the circuitry, the purported assembly is 0.71mm thick.

Information on the display ends at at the 2:13 mark in the video. The remainder of the video details the disassembly process, which involved chilling the assembly to -136C to make the adhesive holding the screen assembly together brittle.

Should the parts prove to be legitimate, the photos show a rearranged internal distribution versus the first generation Apple Watch. No GPS chip is apparent in any of the Byte pictures so far.

In the first reveal of the parts by Byte, tear-downs of individual components were promised. The display assembly teardown is Tuesday's second on the day, with the first examining dimensional differences between the first generation Apple Watch, and the alleged "Apple Watch 2" parts.

The second generation Apple Watch is expected to debut at Wednesday's "See You on Sept. 7" event, alongside an "iPhone 7" and "iPhone 7 plus."