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Apple's first weekend of iPhone 7 sales roughly in line with earlier iPhones, data suggests

The first weekend of iPhone 7 sales seems to have been on track with past iPhone launches, despite Apple's decision not to announce official numbers, according to early analytics data.

The iPhone 7 achieved 1 percent adoption in Localytics tracking of iPhones, with the 7 Plus accounting for another 0.2 percent. That's roughly equivalent to what the iPhone 6s line achieved in Sept. 2015, the only difference being greater adoption of the 6s Plus at 0.3 percent.

The iPhone 6 managed 2 percent in Sept. 2014, with the 6 Plus coming in at 0.3. 2013's iPhone 5s — which didn't have a Plus model — hit 0.9 percent during its launch weekend.

Localytics commented that real-world iPhone 7 sales could be significantly higher, since its data only reflects the number of people who already have a device and are using apps. Delivery times for online preorders quickly extended into weeks or even months, an Apple took the unusual step of saying that some models wouldn't be available at stores on launch day.

Meanwhile, upgrades of existing iPhones and iPads to iOS 10 appear to be flattening out. While Mixpanel indicated that adoption hit nearly 15 percent in the first 24 hours, after six days, iOS 10 was sitting at 26 percent — slightly lower than what iOS 8 and 9 achieved in similar timeframes.