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Inside iOS 10: See everything that's new in Messages


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Now that iOS 10 is out in the hands of iPhone and iPad users around the world, AppleInsider offers a deeper look at the major feature additions Apple implemented in Messages, including emoji replacement, text bubble animations, rich links and the iMessage App Store.

As seen in the video above, Messages in iOS 10 brings the iPhone's most used app up to date with competing messaging solutions, both on iOS and beyond.

Text replacement received a healthy update with smarter recommendations and the ability to swap out commonly used phrases with corresponding emoji. With text bubble animations like "slam" and "gentle," users can be even more expressive in their correspondence. A new "invisible ink" feature hides private messages from view until activated by a user swipe.

Borrowing from Apple Watch's watchOS UI, Apple included a Digital Touch module into Messages for iOS 10 that lets users send along doodles, their heart beat, a fireball animation and more.

Moving on to the integrate App Store, iOS 10 devices can now run app extensions directly within the Messages ecosystem. Apple offers a few sample apps to get users started, like an #Images browser that searches the web for gifs. Other apps are already taking advantage of Apple's API, for example users can now book a dinner with OpenTable and send cash via SquareCash, all without leaving Messages.

Sticker packs are also a hot commodity on the iMessage App Store, with game developers jumping on board early to market branded content that livens up Messages feeds.

Finally, rich links within Messages provide previews of photos, videos, web content and more without opening a standalone viewer.

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