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Channels streaming app updated to version 2.0, brings integrated programming listings to Apple TV

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The popular cord-cutter app Channels has been upgraded to version 2.0, implementing on-screen television programming guides to ease streaming from a HDHomeRun to the fourth generation Apple TV.

The update makes the app behave similarly to that on iOS. The new version allows for users with an antenna and a HDHomeRun or a CableCARD/HDHomeRun Prime setup to see what's on television in a format close to that of a conventional television set-top box.

Channels 2.0 also gives users up to a 90 minute buffer on live television allowing for rewinding of a live event, provides full closed captioning support, set favorite channels, and use the Siri remote to navigate programming.

Initial AppleInsider testing found the integration between a HDHomeRun with antenna and the Apple TV app to be smooth, with automatic channel discovery and guide loading only taking a very brief period of time.

Channel selection is nearly instantaneous, with a less than a half-second connection delay, presumably needed to buffer the stream buffers from the HDHomeRun hardware.

The Channels app lacks any form of DVR at this time. However, the developers claim to be working on the feature for a future release.

Channels is not a remote viewing solution, and the app only works when connected to the same local area network as the HDHomeRun device. All HDHomeRun devices are supported by the app on both iOS and tvOS.

The iOS and tvOS apps are discrete purchases. The tvOS version must be purchased through the Apple TV App store and retails for $25. The iOS version for iPad and iPhone is $15 and requires iOS 9.3 or above, as well as an iPhone 5s or newer.