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Latest Apple Campus 2 drone video shows progress on solar & landscaping

Roof and landscaping work appears to be well underway at Apple's upcoming Campus 2 headquarters in Cupertino, a new drone flight suggests, though the complex may still be several months away from the first employees moving in.

Video shared by Matthew Roberts on YouTube shows cranes moving materials to the roof, although there are now fewer cranes on the premises than before. Rooftop solar panels are estimated to be about half complete.

Landscaping work has begun in earnest, the main sign being trees planted in a number of areas. Much of the complex is still bare dirt however, especially the interior of the ring, which should eventually be as lush as anywhere else on campus.

Satellite buildings — including the fitness center, R&D facility, and underground auditorium — are well into development, but still incomplete. Similarly, unfinished tunnels on the grounds leading to places like the auditorium and parking garage are covered by terraced foam tiles.

The City of Cupertino recently announced delays for the Campus 2 project, indicating that main construction won't be done until the beginning of 2017, and that landscaping won't be finished until the second quarter of next year. More delays could be possible, given that the project was already behind schedule.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was once reported to have promised employees that they would start moving in by the end of January, but that may be unlikely now unless the pace of construction picks up rapidly.