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Concept imagines OLED Touch Bar on Apple's wireless Magic Keyboard

With Apple's dynamic Touch Bar now official on the latest MacBook Pros, fans are imagining what the feature might look like on other Mac products, such as the wireless Magic Keyboard.

Reddit user "Hazza42" was inspired to create renderings showing what a Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar might look like. Just as on the new MacBook Pro, the concept Magic Keyboard replaces the row of function keys with a dynamic multi-touch display strip.

In a change from the existing Magic Keyboard, the concept is a longer, full-size keyboard, including a separate area for arrow keys and a full number keypad to the right. This extends the Touch Bar much further than it stretches on the MacBook Pro.

While it's unlikely that Apple would ditch its current compact design for a larger form factor, the concept gives an idea of how a Touch Bar could operate for Apple's desktop machines, including the iMac and Mac Pro.

There's also a question of how the addition of a Touch Bar would affect battery life. The current Magic Keyboard, without any sort of touch screen, lasts a full month between charges. The addition of a Touch Bar, though, might necessitate a dedicated power cable, which could be enough to keep such a product from ever seeing the light of day.

In the trio of mockups, the Touch Bar is shown offering quick links to popular apps and sites, including Photos, Facebook and Google. The concept also features links to system services like Siri, search, and volume controls, as well as a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

In one mistake, the Touch ID sensor is shown in the middle of the imagined Magic Keyboard Touch Bar. On the MacBook Pro, the Touch ID sensor is located to the right of the Touch Bar, and is not a part of the display.

Apple's Touch Bar will debut in a few weeks, when the new MacBook Pros begin shipping. AppleInsider partner B&H is also offering exclusive discounts on the newly released MacBook Pros.