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Apple picks top apps with Touch Bar support for new MacBook Pro

Timed to coincide with deliveries of its new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple on Monday posted a special Mac App Store section dedicated to apps enhanced to support the laptop's Touch Bar, a unique feature that debuted with this year's release.

As seen above, Apple is throwing a spotlight on first- and third-party apps that take advantage of the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Touch ID power button. Specifically, the featured apps integrate special app-centric commands, options and functions that were previously buried in dropdown menus, or otherwise unavailable.

For example, password management app 1Password can now by unlocked via Touch ID and taps Touch Bar to surface in-app controls for switching between password vaults, creating new secure items, creating and accessing website logins, and granular options for generating new passwords.

Touch Bar functionality is similarly integrated into other third-party apps like Mail Designer Pro 3, which uses the new hardware to break out text style, formatting and layout controls, as well as other document options, directly on the keyboard.

The Mac App Store section also includes a selection of Apple apps that were updated with Touch Bar capabilities. Released in October, professional video editing software Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor sport Touch Bar enhancements like video scrubbing, audio adjustments, payback commands, quick shortcuts and more.

Apple's complete list of Touch Bar enhanced apps includes:

Sales of Apple's 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar went live on Oct. 27, with the first orders scheduled to arrive today. For an in-depth look at the new hardware, make sure to check out AppleInsider's review.