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Fry's claims Apple's BeatsX earbuds due on Dec. 5

Contrasting with another recent online listing, electronics retailer Fry's is now saying that Apple's BeatsX earbuds will ship on Dec. 5.

A product page on the Fry's website notes that the company is currently accepting back orders with an estimated Dec. 5 target. The retailer is charging $149.95, as elsewhere.

Last week, a B&H listing appeared indicating the earbuds will ship on Dec. 16. The discrepancy implies that one or both websites are only making guesses, since such product launches tend to take place simultaneously across chains.

The BeatsX are one of two missing products with Apple's W1 wireless chip that were promised to ship in time for Christmas. In fact the other, the AirPods, were originally expected to ship earlier this fall. The Beats Solo3 Wireless and Powerbeats3 Wireless are already on shelves.

The W1 chip makes it easier to pair with Apple devices, while also improving battery life and range, in some cases as far as 400 feet.