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Apple CEO Tim Cook meeting with Donald Trump, Elon Musk privately after NYC tech summit

Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected at President-Elect Donald Trump's tech leaders meeting in New York City, and will be participating in a longer discussion including Elon Musk after the larger discussion concludes.

The Trump transition team's communication director Jason Miller not only confirmed that Cook would be at the meeting, but also revealed that he would be sticking around after the larger gathering, to have a private meeting with the President-elect, alongside Tesla CEO and entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Invitations were sent out in the beginning of December and less than a dozen people are attending. Most of the invitees are Silicon Valley executives.

Other expected attendees besides Cook and Musk include Alphabet CEO Larry Page, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, and Oracle CEO Safra Catz. Sources are mixed on if Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will attend, or was even invited in the first place.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was not invited.

Musk is a member of Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum, with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, and Pepsi Chairman Indra Nooyi.

Live feed from the Trump Tower lobby

Apple, Google, and Facebook were notably absent from the chairs of a business council formed by Trump's administration. Named to that board are leaders of Boeing, GE, GM, and IBM, all four of which have a significantly lower net worth than Apple.

"Most of Silicon Valley is moving from the 'surprised and in denial' phase to accepting the change that's coming," said Semil Shah, general partner at venture capital firm Haystack Fund. "Some of that change, such as immigration, creates anxiety and uncertainty. Some of that change, such as potential for economic stimulus at a national level, gives some folks business confidence."

Specific topics of the private discussion after the main meeting are not known, but based on campaign trail remarks by the President-Elect, Cook's and Trump's conversation will likely focus on Apple's overseas cash hoard repatriation, manufacture of goods in the U.S. instead of China, and encryption implementation.