Wacom grows macOS tablets with Intuos Pro, Intuos Pro Paper Edition; Bamboo Folio smartpad

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Introduced at Thursday's Consumer Electronics Show, Wacom's Intuos Pro and Intuos Pro Paper Edition tablets are upgraded from previous models, and now equipped with the highly-sensitive Pro Pen 2. Launched at the same time, the Bamboo Folio is a compact smartpad for quickly noting down ideas while on the move.

Intuos Pro, Paper Edition

Aimed at artists and creative individuals, the Intuos Pro and Intuos Pro Paper Edition measure half an inch thick, are more compact than earlier models, and use an anodized aluminum backing for strength. Controls while using the tablet include multitouch with gestures, a TouchRing, and eight ExpressKeys to use for command shortcuts.

Along with a new pen case and a smaller pen stand with ten nibs, Wacom has included the Pro Pen 2, a stylus that offers 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, four times that of the previous Pro Pen. The Paper Edition adds on top the ability to draw out a design on paper, while digitizing strokes at the same time. For this, the Paper edition includes a clip to keep the paper in place, and the Wacom Finetip Pen to draw with.

Shipping this month, the Intuos Pro will cost $349.95 for the medium-sized model, and $499.95 for the large. The Intuos Pro Paper Edition will cost $399.95 and $549.95 for medium and large, respectively.

Bamboo Folio

The small Bamboo Folio is similar to the larger model and the Bamboo Slate, but differs in size. The smartpad allows users to draw or make notes on a pad of half-letter-size paper, which can then be transferred to an iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth.

Up to 100 pages can be stored before needing to be synchronized with a mobile device. The accompanying Inkspace app allows the digitized images to be exported to various cloud services in a number of different formats, including JPG, PNG, and PDF. Wacom's own Inkspace service offers a free basic plan with 5GB of storage, which can hold over six thousand pages of notes, though a paid plan is also available with a capacity of 50GB.

Available now, the small Bamboo Folio is priced at $149.95. The Inkspace Plus subscription is $2.99 per month, but is offered with a three-month free trial.

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