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Leviton presents hub-free HomeKit in-wall dimmers, switches

Leviton's Decora Smart lineup of automated switches and dimmers promise a HomeKit-friendly lighting solution - with no hub required, unlike some competing lighting solutions.

With Leviton's HomeKit-connected Decora Smart products, users will be able to control lighting through straightforward Siri commands and Apple's native Home app in iOS. The three-product lineup includes the following:

  • 1000W Universal Dimmer (up to 450W LED)
  • 600W Universal Dimmer (up to 300W LED)
  • 15A Universal Rocker Switch (up to 600W LED)

Leviton says the trio of HomeKit devices are set to arrive in April of 2017. Pricing has not yet been solidified, but the accessories are expected to range between $34.97 to $49.97.

Other popular HomeKit lighting methods —notably Philips Hue bulbs and Lutron dimmers and switches— require additional hardware to bridge those platforms to Apple's HomeKit. Leviton's products offer a simpler solution, directly connecting to HomeKit without the need for a hub plugged into the user's router.

In addition to iOS integration, users can fine-tune settings through Decora's own Smart Home app, including advanced options and customizability. For example, users can devise specialized lighting schemes, set minimum and maximum brightness levels, and even adjust a dimmer's fade rate.

Leviton touts that the devices are engineered for a vast range of lighting situations, meaning that even sensitive, low-wattage sources can be controlled with care. The in-wall rockers and dimmers have what Leviton calls the "Decora form-factor" - boasting vanishing LEDs and other design factors for a clean look and feel.