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Apple updates Siri on iOS, Mac & Apple TV with Super Bowl-related commands

Apple on Monday announced a collection of Siri updates designed to get people using the AI assistant for Super Bowl LI, which will be played this Sunday between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.

The main addition is support for live tune-in on the Apple TV by saying "Watch the Super Bowl." Live tune-in is normally app- or channel-specific, but in this case Siri should automatically find a compatible app and start streaming.

The best option for U.S. viewers is likely Fox Sports Go, which is streaming the complete game for free, including the high-budget national commercials that can draw in some non-fans.

Apple notes that users can ask basic questions — like where the event's being held, and who's performing at halftime — along with more complex queries about game statistics. Siri can even compare the stats of two different players.

Many of the promoted commands were already in Siri's vernacular, but Apple likely updated its integrated data where necessary for the big game.

Apple's Super Bowl preparations also include public transit directions for Houston, which may be especially important given road closures, parking fees, and the city's infamous congested traffic.