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Apple Watch sales set new 'record' during holidays, but no numbers revealed

A "record" number of Apple Watches were sold in Apple's fiscal first quarter of 2017, CEO Tim Cook said on Tuesday, though the company is still refusing to break out specific figures.

During a call with analysts, Cook noted that that the Watch achieved records in "both units and revenue." Holiday sales were so intense, the executive suggested, that the company "couldn't make enough."

Since the Watch's launch in 2015, Apple has relegated the device to an "Other Products" category in its financial results, placing it alongside the Apple TV, iPods, Beats gear, and various other accessories, including some third-party offerings.

Cook's statements hint that the Apple Watch is largely supporting the category, since segment revenues fell 8 percent year-over-year to just over $4 billion. Sibling products presumably saw losses, though there's no indication as to which, or how badly.

The Watch was likely lifted by the September release of the Series 2, which added a faster processor, waterproofing, a brighter display, and built-in GPS. The company also released the Series 1, a cheaper version of the first-generation Watch but also equipped with a faster chip.

In total Apple pulled in $78.4 billion in revenue during the December quarter, driven mostly be sales of 78.3 million iPhones. Mac sales were up to 5.4 million, but iPads fell 19 percent to about 13 million.