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Latest Apple ads showcase composition, focus features in iPhone 7 Plus Portrait photos

A pair of new television ads for the iPhone 7 Plus were published by Apple on Monday, highlighting the depth-of-field Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus in action.

The first spot, titled "Soul Mate" demonstrating the difference in picture composition with a family pet as the focus of the shot.

The second ad, called "Creek," uses a child swimming in a body of water as an example, with the focus effect shifting the picture from "fine" to "fine art."

The latest videos don't appear to be an extension of an existing ad campaign, such as the recent

"practically magic" campaign.

First announced during Apple's iPhone 7 reveal event in September, Portrait Mode was made available to iPhone 7 Plus owners with the release of iOS 10.1 in late October.

The hardware-specific function uses the wide angle and telephoto lenses unique to the iPhone 7 Plus, complex computer vision algorithms, and depth mapping routines to create a series of image layers. With minimal input from the user, the mode is able to sharpen certain layers, like those with a subject, and selectively un-focus others using a custom blur technique, simulating an optical Bokeh effect.