Accessory purports to capture & stream live video from any iPhone, iPad app without a Mac or PC

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The "EzRecLN" capture device allows for capture of video from a connected iOS device, with a stream able to be sent across a USB cable, or stored on a micro SD card installed into the device.

First spotted by Macotakara The EzRecLN box can send live video from any source including a home screen of an iPhone or iPad to a PC, or store H.264 video on a SD card. The device can also be connected to a television with a HDMI port, opening up the possibility of presentations without using AirPlay or an Apple HDMI connector.

To a connected Windows computer, the device is seen as a "UHD Grabber Device" and provided software allows for streaming. While no specific Mac utility is mentioned in the original report, as the video is saved as H.264 the possibility remains that a Mac-compatible utility like VLC or something similar can handle the stream.

The device can handle inputs up to 4K60, but recorded data is limited to 1080P video at 30 frames per second.

Macotakara suggests that the device could be used by game streamers on Twitch, or similar services as well.

The EzRecLN retails for ¥ 21,800, or about $192, direct from the manufacturer. The device does not appear to be MFi certified, and it seems likely that Apple could block the functionality of the device at any time with a firmware or iOS update.


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