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Apple updates iTunes U for iOS with photo annotations, video messages

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Apple on Tuesday updated iTunes U with a handful of new features, including improved annotation options and ways of sharing and accessing media.

With today's update, iTunes U users can now add annotations to photos, according to release notes from Apple. Previously, the app only supported mark ups of PDF documents.

Teachers and students in one-one-conversations, meanwhile, have gained the option to exchange video messages, while all users should be able to open audio and video files directly in other apps.

The iTunes U update follows comes a day after Classroom, an app aimed at teachers managing iPads in a school setting, was refreshed. One of the key additions was the ability to create classes manually and invite nearby students, making the app practical for schools that aren't using large-scale mobile device management systems.

The Classroom update also introduced the ability to mute audio on student iPads, and replaced the Classroom Share Extension with AirDrop.

iTunes U is a free download, and runs on any device with iOS 9.3 or later. The new version of Classroom runs only on iPads with iOS 10.3, which was also released Monday.