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Drone flyby video shows work on Apple Park campus buildings nearing completion

Apple Park, the iPhone producer's under-development campus, has been showcased yet again in another drone flyby video, with the new footage showing progress is continuing to be made at the facility as it gets closer to its grand opening to employees in April.

Surfacing less than a week since the last drone video showing off the campus, the footage from Matthew Roberts gives a close look at the solar panels on the roof of the main building. Previously, it was estimated the solar panel installation is 80 percent complete across the entire campus, with work on the main spaceship and garage solar panels practically finished.

The Tantau Avenue parking garage is thought to be nearly complete, with few elements left to add. As with the earlier videos, the research and development facility seems to be complete internally, with chairs and desks visible through the glass windows, and with external work to the building seemingly completed as well.

Other peripheral buildings are continuing to be constructed, with the Steve Jobs Theater's glass walls almost completely covered to hide the internal work. Some buildings towards the end of the video appear to be almost finished, but are surrounded with building materials and require the installation of glass panels in the roof.

Landscaping continues to be a large-scale project for the facility that won't be complete in time for the opening, and will likely continue for a few more months. For the inner ring of the main building, it is noted that preparation work for the site's pond has taken place, with the landscaping and planting of trees also moving at a swift pace.

A key development needed before employees can move into the main building is the addition of staircases. A pair of staircases have been constructed at the base of the building, bringing visitors up from the road up to the same level as the landscaping just outside its doors.

While drones have been the main way observers have watched the progress of Apple Park, one of Apple's own apps was recently updated to show the site. An update to Apple Maps included geolocation tags for Apple Park, as well as satellite imagery depicting the campus' construction from seven months ago.