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In-browser Mac OS 7.0.1 emulation, compatible software suite arrives at the Internet Archive

A pair of 20MB hard drive compilations contain a full MacOS 7.0.1 environment that runs in a browser, and contains an assortment of applications spanning from 1984 to 1991 has appeared on the Internet Archive, with the entire bundle able to be run inside Safari.

The emulator environment is based on the open source PCE emulator. The published hard drives contain the entirety of a MacOS 7.0.1 system with HyperCard, BBEdit Lite, Mac Draw, and Mac Paint.

Other applications included are Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Pagemaker, and an assortment of decompression utilities. Games included are Risk, Cannon Fodder, and Shufflepuck.

The images can be downloaded for local use.

Various incarnations of System 7, and then Mac OS 7, existed, spanning 1991 through 1997. The software bridged the shift from the 68000 series processors to the PowerPC chip, and ran on hardware as new as a Powerbook 3400c and the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh.