Teardown finds Samsung Galaxy S8+ battery 'virtually identical' to fire-prone Note 7

Via iFixit.

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Samsung is apparently confident that a rash of fires with its Note 7 phablet were caused by manufacturing errors, and not design or parts, as it has adopted many of the same features — and even one of the same battery manufacturers — with the new Galaxy S8+.

As is par for the course with new gadgets, iFixit got their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and conducted a teardown of the flagship device. After analyzing the internal design of the Galaxy S8+, iFixit came away surprised that Samsung didn't go for a "dramatically different design" from the Note 7.

Specifically, iFixit found that the Galaxy S8+ battery is "virtually identical" to the Note 7 battery in a number of respects, including battery voltage, capacity and design tolerances. The S8+ has a 13.48 Wh battery that is exactly the same as the capacity of the Note 7 battery.

In addition, while different suppliers may provide components for different individual handsets, the Galaxy S8+ taken apart by iFixit was built by the same manufacturer as "some" Note 7 batteries.

"Samsung is clearly confident that their battery issue was a manufacturing quality assurance one, and the S8 series' glued-in battery is proof they have faith in their 8-point plan," the solutions provider wrote. "The design surrounding the battery — its installed position, spacing, and reinforcement — is very, very similar to the Note 7."

Samsung confirmed in January that fires from faulty Note 7 units were a result of battery problems. After a public relations nightmare led to a series of recalls, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was finally permanently discontinued last October, citing consumer safety.

Handsets that were not returned were permanently disabled via software by Samsung.