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Amazon Echo Look and iOS app judges your wardrobe choices with machine learning

On Wednesday, Amazon expanded its Alexa family of devices with the Echo Look — a voice recognition device with a camera tailored to snapping a shot of your outfit, rating it, and giving you alternate choices in conjunction with an iOS app.

Telling Alexa to "take a picture" commands the device to use a depth-sensing camera and built-in lighting to snap a shot of a worn outfit, and make a "lookbook" of often-worn ensembles.

The judgement is performed by the new "Style Check" feature which utilizes machine learning and human "fashion specialists" to judge an outfit in comparison with others. Amazon claims that the Style Check feature will get better as it is used.

Otherwise, Echo Look functions the same as the Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo's feature list includes more than a few similarities with Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Now, including support for online queries, voice-activated ask-and-answer functions and extensibility into mobile apps.

The Echo Look is available by invitiation for $199.99 from Amazon. The Echo Look app to use the wardrobe judgement features with the free-standing device will be free.