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Snap's fledgling Spectacles sold just over 63,000 units in March quarter

In a sign of how tough the market for Apple's rumored augmented reality glasses could be, Snap is estimated to have sold a little over 63,800 pairs of Spectacles in the March quarter.

While Snap didn't provide exact numbers in its results, it did admit to making just $8.3 million in its "other revenue" category, according to TechCrunch. Dividing by the Spectacles' $130 pricetag gives a figure of 63,846.

About $4.5 million in Spectacles were sold during the December quarter, or roughly 34,615 units.

Until the February launch of online sales, the Spectacles were essentially an experiment for Snap, sold only through hard-to-find vending machines and a special New York City pop-up store. Even these limited sales only began in November.

The Spectacles are designed to shoot 10- to 30-second clips of first-person video, mainly for sharing in Snapchat, though they can be viewed elsewhere. Footage is shot in a unique circular format, and to dispel privacy concerns, lit rings appear whenever the glasses are recording.

Apple is believed to be developing augmented reality glasses that will ship in 2018, if not later. Exact features are unknown, but the company reportedly has "hundreds" of engineers working in the AR field.

Glasses have so far made little headway in the wearables market. Google's Glass never made it past a developer prototype, and Microsoft's HoloLens has yet to spin off into planned third-party accessories.

Instead the wearables market is still dominated by fitness trackers and smartwatches. The Apple Watch in particular has so far proven successful, although sales are still below those of iPhones, iPads, and Macs.