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EE commences sales of new 32GB iPhone 6 model in United Kingdom

The re-released iPhone 6 with 32 gigabytes of storage has surfaced again in a new country, with the smartphone going on sale in the United Kingdom for the first time with its unusual capacity through carrier EE, suggesting the device's relatively unannounced sales are not being confined to just emerging markets.

The 32-gigabyte model is being sold on a 24-month contract through EE, starting from 35.49 ($45.94) per month including 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and a 2-gigabyte data allowance. As with other relaunches, the iPhone 6 is being offered in just Space Grey, with no other color options available.

It appears that there are relatively few differences between the version being sold and the original iPhone 6, with all of the previous specifications being kept intact. Aside from the capacity, the only other main change is that the iPhone has iOS 10 pre-installed, saving customers from performing major software updates.

Apple previously only offered the smartphone in 16, 64, and 128-gigabyte capacities before ending sales in 2016, and has only made the 32GB version available as part of these limited offers.

Earlier sales of the iPhone 6 were made in India, China, Taiwan, and Belarus, all exclusive to one carrier or retailer in each market, without any choice in color. Previously, this was thought as a way to offer a lower cost iPhones in what could be considered emerging markets, but the appearance in more developed markets, like the UK, suggests this not to be the case.

More recently, the updated iPhone 6 has gone on sale in Spain and the United States, with Virgin Mobile selling it for $450.