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Alleged source within Foxconn takes to Reddit to blab about Apple smart glasses, 'iPhone 8,' more

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An extensive thread from "Foxconninsider" on Reddit has answered user questions about forthcoming Apple products, including limited information on a 2018 MacBook Pro refresh, the death of the MacBook Air, an "Apple Smart Glasses" project, the "Siri Speaker" and the "iPhone 8" — but a previous rumor that was refuted has been reiterated and casts significant doubt on the user and the data provided.

The post on Reddit started on Friday evening, and has continued into Saturday.

iPhone 8

The "iPhone 8" is claimed to be water resistant, have wireless charging, and use Lightning and not USB-C. Additionally, the test unit that the user allegedly has details about did have Touch ID bonded to a glass substrate on the front of the device.

While the source believes that there was a rear-mounted Touch ID model issued as an engineering test, a version in which Touch ID tech is embedded under the glass is "more likely given our intelligence."

Given the October back-and-forth about the Sonder keyboard being an Apple prototype with the same source, AppleInsider suggests examining the reports by the user with a great deal of skepticism.

Augmented reality smart glasses

Apple's Smart Glasses, purportedly called "Project Mirrorshades," allegedly incorporates Kopin technology, with an acetate frame mounting polarized or prescription lens with Zeiss smart optics. Audio is allegedly provided by bone conduction and noise cancellation modules.

Sensors inctegrated into the device reportedly include a light sensor, an accelerometer for step tracking and head movement, and a magnetometer for navigation.

The bill of materials is allegedly to be about $150, with an expected sale price of 4 times the cost of construction.

According to the source, the Apple smart glasses project is said to be "very likely to be cancelled" with a 65 percent probability given to be axed.

MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro

The "foxconninsider" source for this current batch of reports from the supply chain is the same one that spread tips about a Sonder-derived e-ink keyboard that has yet to surface. The source claims that the technology has just not yet been implemented yet, and will come with the 2018 MacBook Pro.

When asked if 32 GB of RAM is coming to the MacBook Pro, the source claims that it will, in the 15-inch model. However, when asked if it was coming in "the coming weeks or later this year," no answer was given. No information at all has been provided in the thread about a 2017 MacBook Pro refresh with Kaby Lake, which is expected soon.

To implement 32 GB of RAM in the MacBook Pro's current design, a new motherboard design would be required, which seems unlikely given the relatively short period of time since the launch of the product well less than a year ago.

Apple will also allegedly return the glowing Apple logo on the back of the case to the 2018 model.

In October, the Sonder CEO informed AppleInsider that there was no meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The "leaks" at the time from the same source claiming that it was an Apple product appeared to be based on a pre-production keyboard by the source company, and not of an Apple product.

The source claims to have little knowledge about the MacBook's update timetable or other technology inclusions, other than a new processor. However, the report claims that the MacBook Air has reached the end of its life — a point refuted by other very recent rumors about the device from other sources.

Apple "Siri Speaker"

While little information has yet to be provided about the device, the user claims that the product has been delayed into "late 2017." Notably, the post reports that Foxconn lost the contract to another product manufacturer "before [the] Chinese New Year."

Multiple prototypes combinations were allegedly tested, with units with and without display, and units with and without a camera.

It is unclear where the data about a production delay is coming from, given that the product has yet to even be announced, and Foxconn allegedly lost the contract — by the source's own admission.

KGI's source of data?

The post could shed some light on KGI Securities' source of report material. In a response to a question, the user claims that the assortment of sources using the identity sell data from the factory to KGI, who in turn uses it for analysis.

The rest of the Apple product line

Other products briefly discussed include information on an Apple TV update will come in October. The user claims to have no information on Project Titan, the MacBook, the Mac Pro, or the Apple Watch.

Serious legitimacy issues with "Foxconninsider"

The "Foxconninsider" user has been verified by Reddit moderation as a Foxconn employee. Given the October back-and-forth about the Sonder keyboard being an Apple prototype with the same source, AppleInsider suggests examining the reports by the user with a great deal of skepticism, and a critical eye.

The previous posts and claims about the Sonder technology by the user are available in the user's Reddit history.

The user also claims that they are not the ultimate source for all things Apple, and have no access to Apple's software plans or other vendors.