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iOS beta feedback menu suggests drag and drop coming to 'iOS 11'

If a new screen capture of diagnostic feedback is to be believed, Apple is planning on implementing some form of "drag and drop" functionality in "iOS 11."

A feedback screen captured by Steve Troughton-Smith for build 14F89 of an iOS beta shows a new field for the Feedback menu. The new field amplifies Split View, and adds Drag and Drop to the menu item.

The addition where it is positioned suggests that the feature will allow users to migrate data from pane to pane in Apple's split view, rather than a more encompassing feature or specific expansion of the file system for more user control.

However, build 14F89, as seen on the screen capture, is associated with iOS 10.3.2 and not the beta for 10.3.3. AppleInsider was not able to duplicate the feedback item.

Very early Monday morning, a "Files" app for iOS 11 briefly appeared on the App Store. There was no information associated with the place-holder on the store, nor any screenshots.

Apple is expected to discuss new versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS at Monday's keynote speech to launch the 2017 WWDC. AppleInsider will be in San Jose providing live coverage of the event starting at 7 a.m. Pacific.