E3 2017: Nexon's 'Durango' exiting long development, releases for iOS in tail-end of 2017

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Nexon's survival title "Durango" has made an appearance at the 2017 E3, showing off a combination of isometric role-playing and survival in a creature-infested post-apocalyptic world.

The open-world isometric-view title from Nexon takes place in a world populated by dinosaurs and other similarly prehistoric creatures. Players are forced to gather resources to survive, and can band together for larger projects and building construction.

Developers Nexon call it a "pioneering open-world massively multiplayer online role playing game" with a focus on crafting, and camp settlement. While solo play is possible, Nexon encourages group-play as other player assemblies can be cooperative, or hostile to the player.

The new trailer released at E3 features a dinosaur attack on a commuter train, and showcases the many survival mechanics of "Durango," including fishing, harvesting materials, farming, settlement building, and crafting. Also shown are some of the ways players can team up to tame wild dinosaurs.

The early beta on Android in January garnered players mostly from Korea and Thailand. The title will arrive worldwide on iOS at some point in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Hardware requirements are not yet known for the finished title, but the game was spotted running at E3 on an iPad Air 2.


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