Satellite footage condenses two years of Apple Park construction into 18-second clip

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Satellite imaging provider Planet Labs this week uploaded a time-lapse showing off construction progress of Apple Park's main "spaceship" structure, chronicling nearly two years of work in 18 seconds.

Uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, and subsequently picked up by BusinessInsider, the Planet Labs footage offers a unique perspective of the massive Apple Park project.

The video provides snapshot views from space that date back to September 2015, about six months after construction began. As seen in the 18-second clip below, half of the main office building at Apple Park, then dubbed "Campus 2," was already built up to roof level.

Planet Labs' footage covers the entire construction area, including twin research and development buildings that were just starting to take shape at the end of 2015. Also seen near the bottom of the screen is the round above-ground entryway into the 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theater.

Toward the upper-right of the video is Apple's wellness facility, which boasts a two-story yoga room clad in stone that has been distressed to resemble the exterior of late company cofounder Jobs' favorite hotel in Yosemite.

Apple's attention to detail is readily apparent in the Planet Labs time-lapse. The company made great efforts to reproduce the Bay Area of Jobs' childhood with carefully selected indigenous trees, winding walking paths and rolling manmade hills.

Built on the grounds of a former HP facility, the $5 billion Apple Park will ultimately house more than 12,000 workers. Employees are already migrating into certain areas of Apple Park, including the R&D facility, in a process that is expected to take six months to complete.

Recent drone footage of the complex released earlier this month showed progress on the main building's cafeteria. A good amount of landscaping remains and contractors are currently working to complete the small lake that will sit inside the main ring.


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