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RFID tech expansion in iOS 11 allows Apple iPhone to authenticate goods, buy on the spot

With the introduction of iOS 11, security company WISeKey's WISeAuthentic solution for brand protection will be compatible for the first time with Apple's iPhones.

Starting with iOS11, Apple supports the NFC Forum's NDEF NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) tags, making WISeKey's solutions instantly available. Data read by the app is encrypted end-to-end, with any stored data retained in a server in a secure vault.

The technology is in use now for authentication of goods, like wines. A different deployment of the same technology can broadcast personalize messages to the phone holder on status of the product, like if the bottle has been opened or not.

The company notes that the technology isn't limited to authentication, and can be used to process contactless payments through WISeKey's partnership with MasterCard.

A developer resource published after the Worldwide Developer Conference keynote shed light on the inclusion of the technology in iOS 11. OTher uses for the expansion of the technology include a wireless interface negotiation with gym equipment by tapping a device on an NFC reader, which subsequently opens a two-way wireless communication session for transferring information like heart rate and equipment speed and angle.