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Plex brings Live TV features to fourth-generation Apple TV

Two recent features of Plex's media streaming app — Live TV and DVR — have emerged from beta, with the former appearing on the Apple TV for the first time.

To use Live TV, Apple TV owners must have a Plex Pass subscription and a compatible digital antenna and tuner connected to a Plex Media Server. The feature supports non-encrypted broadcasts in over 70 countries, and includes a program guide with artwork, episode details, and search functions.

Apple TV users may need to restart Plex to get Live TV to appear. With the feature emerging out of beta however they will also get access to Time Shifting, letting them pause and scrub through live shows much like they would saved DVR files.

Live TV is otherwise limited to Android and iOS devices. Support for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and various smart TVs is said to be "coming soon."

Plex is mainly intended to stream media hosted on a nearby Mac, Windows, or Linux PC, though Media Server can also run on some Wi-Fi routers and network-attached storage, or even through cloud services like OneDrive and Google Drive.