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Apple Park's Steve Jobs Theater includes rotating elevators, retracting demo room wall

When Apple hosts its "iPhone 8" event on Sept. 12, the media will be treated to elaborate features in the completed Steve Jobs Theater, such as a pair of custom rotating elevators and a clever way of ushering people into the product demonstration area.

The elevators spin as they rise or lower, meaning that people will always enter or exit them through the same door, Bloomberg said on Wednesday. Most buildings would use a less complex double-door system.

The theater reportedly occupies four underground stories, and will have a staircase spiraling alongside the walls. Its 1,000 seats are made of leather — in March, an engineer claimed the building's budget meant that each seat cost the equivalent of $14,000.

Once the press event is over, an inside wall will retract to expose the product demonstration room where media can go hands-on, according to one Bloomberg source. At Apple's old Cupertino headquarters — or at third-party venues, like the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco — the company lacked much opportunity for a dramatic reveal.

The Steve Jobs Theater was just recently finished, lagging behind much of the rest of Apple Park. Indeed until Apple announced the details of the Sept. 12 event there were doubts that the building would be ready in time.

AppleInsider will provide live coverage from the theater, where Apple is expected to showcase the OLED-based "iPhone 8,", an LTE-equipped Apple Watch, and a new Apple TV with 4K and HDR.