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Logitech adds HomeKit to Circle 2 Wired, says Apple won't allow support on battery-powered model

Logitech on Thursday released a firmware update for the $180 Circle 2 Wired, making it just the second security camera currently available on the market to support Apple's HomeKit platform.

Logitech Circle 2 Camera Apple HomeKit compatible

The added HomeKit to the Logitech Circle 2 Wired now allows control via Siri and the iOS Home app, including watching streams, though remote HomeKit access requires an Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod set up as a hub. More significantly the camera can now be integrated into scenes, for instance triggering lights when it detects motion outside.

To receive the update, people must get the latest version of the Logi Circle iOS app, then go into Settings, select "More Settings," and finally tap "Update Firmware."

HomeKit support won't be available on the Circle 2 Wire-Free, according to Logitech, since Apple's own standards are said to block support on battery-powered cameras. HomeKit support for the Circle 2 Wired were first announced by Logitech in June.

Logitech Circle 2 Home Security Camera

The only other camera with HomeKit compatibility is the D-Link Omna 180. Support is forthcoming from other parties like Netatmo and Ring, but exact release dates have so far been absent.

HomeKit will gain a number of improvements with this fall's iOS 11, such as multi-person geofencing and conditional triggers. It will also support one-time and scheduled events, as well as offsets, for instance turning lights on 30 minutes before sunset.

The Logitech Circle 2 Wired is now available to purchase direct from the company for $179.99. The product will also be available, with select accessories, at Apple retail stores and throughout the U.S. and Europe beginning in October.