New Apple 'Human Interface Guidelines' & videos take developers through iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 & Apple TV 4K

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In parallel with announcing the products themselves, Apple on Tuesday issued new "Human Interface Guidelines" and other online resources meant to define how apps should be built for the iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple TV 4K.

The iPhone X guidelines note, for instance, that while the 5.8-inch device has the same display width as recent 4.7-inch iPhones — including the iPhone 8 — it's graphics extend 145 points higher, allowing for more vertical space, even if it is interrupted by the sensor notch. Layouts must "fill the screen," but can't be obscured by the notch, rounded corners, or home screen indicator, Apple says.

The company also suggests that apps that currently hide the iOS status bar should probably re-enable it on the iPhone X — given the display's "ears" — and that app-specific gestures shouldn't interfere with new system-wide ones, except perhaps in isolated scenarios. There is an optional "edge protection" feature where apps can require a second swipe to avoid accidental ones.

Apple has put together a 13 minute-plus primer video, "Building Apps for iPhone X," and other associated resources.

Similar content has been prepared for the Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K. The former explains optimizing apps for LTE, as well as taking advantage of the barometric altimeter. The latter deals not just with 4K resolutions, but HDR and the improved Siri Remote.

Developers will have some time to make final preparations for the iPhone X, which will only ship on Nov. 3. The Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K will both arrive Sept. 22.


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