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Tim Cook speaks to Good Morning America, discusses iOS 11, iPhone X, Face ID, Steve Jobs legacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with Robin Roberts a few hours before the launch of iOS 11, and spoke about the iPhone 8, the iPhone X, iOS 11, ARKit, and the legacy of Steve Jobs.

iOS 11 and ARKit

The demonstration shown on the video of iOS 11's ARKit was of the forthcoming Ikea app, with the users placing armchairs from the furniture company dropping chairs in the studio.

"We're taking the complex and making it simple, this is what Apple is so fantastic at." Cook said in regards to ARKit and how it facilitates the adoption of the technology. "We've taken the complexity that developers would have to do in their apps and made it simple for them to convert all of their apps to an AR experience."

"In one day, we can make AR available for hundreds of millions of people," said Cook. "That will happen in a few hours from now."

ARKit is included in iOS 11. Apple's ARKit combines the iPhone or iPad's sensors, and overlays virtual objects on the device's screen, in conjunction with the items in real space.

"This is a day to remember," added Cook. "This is a profound day."

Face ID

Host Robin Roberts asked about the controversy surrounding Face ID on social media. Cook denied that there was any risk of Face ID violating the user's privacy, as all processing and image capture stays on the phone, and is never sent to Apple.

"We're about your privacy," said Cook. "We want to protect your data, because we know its yours, not ours."

Later in the interview, Cook noted that using Face ID for multiple users wasn't recommended, and he didn't suggest it. He didn't elaborate beyond saying that it was a bad idea.

iPhone X

Roberts asked about the eradication of the home button, after alluding to the removal of the headphone jack with the iPhone 7. Cook noted that users would likely benefit more from a larger screen than keeping the home button in November's iPhone X.

"The home button is beloved," answered Cook. "But, we think that having an edge-to-edge display such that the whole phone is a display will be loved even more."

iPhone X pricing

In response to a Good Morning America viewer question asking about a price "out of reach" for the iPhone X, Cook denied that the $999 price would be much of an issue."

Cook said that the iPhone X was at a "value price" for the included technology. No mention was made of the Galaxy Note 8's $939 price, only $60 less than the iPhone X.

The preorder process for the iPhone X starts on Oct 27. The phone will start shipping on Nov. 3.

Steve Jobs and his impact on today's Apple

Roberts asked about the Steve Jobs Theater, and Cook's emotional response to opening the venue to the public for the first time during the Sept. 12 unveiling event.

"I walked in the theater that day and from the moment I walked in that day,... I could feel him there," said Cook. "His DNA is very much the DNA of Apple."

Cook noted that Jobs's vision for products from the company remains at Apple, and continues unabated to this day. The CEO noted that Apple has never been about selling the most of anything despite the iPhone's success and has always been about making the best for all of its users and not just a select few.

"[Apple is] a values-based company that is making insanely great products that are simple to use where the technology takes the back seat, " Cook said, about Jobs's foundation for Apple. "The user experience is top for us — we want users to be happy."