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Apple shares new Apple Pay, Apple Pay Cash tutorial videos

In preparation of the iPhone 8 release tomorrow (or today in some countries), Apple on Thursday posted a trio of videos to its YouTube channel and website documenting the process of adding a card to Apple Pay and using it with Touch ID.

Produced in the same vein as recent iPhone 7 how-to tutorials, Apple's latest shorts feature quick-moving text, graphics, screenshots and video set to a catchy tune. As many viewers will watch the video on an iPhone, Apple crafted and posted the content in a mobile-friendly vertical format.

The first tutorial, "How to pay with Touch ID on iPhone," runs through a series of steps that might be unfamiliar to new iPhone owners.

First, Apple notes users need to look for the appropriate Apple Pay or NFC sign denoting a retailer accepts the company's version of touchless payments. Next, users simply rest their finger over Touch ID and hold the handset over a compatible reader.

A second video, titled "How to add a card on iPhone," runs through the process of adding a credit or debit card to the Wallet app in iOS.

Opening the Wallet app, users simply tap on the "+" icon in the top-right corner of the screen, use iPhone's rear-facing camera to capture an image of the target card and follow onscreen instructions for entering security information. Once the card is authorized and provisioned, it will automatically show up as a payment option.

A third video covers the upcoming Apple Pay Cash feature set to debut in iOS 11 later this fall. In its how-to, Apple notes users can send peer-to-peer payments using iMessage and the revamped app drawer.

Tapping on the Apple Pay app for Messages brings up an Apple Pay Cash UI in which users can enter a desired cash denomination to send or request. Selecting "Pay" and authenticating with Touch ID sends the amount, which ends up in a recipient's Apple Pay Cash card.

Received money can be applied to Apple Pay purchases in stores, apps and on the web. Alternatively, users can transfer their Apple Pay Cash balance to a connected bank account.

Aside from YouTube, all three how-to videos are available for viewing on Apple's Apple Pay webpage.