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Apple promises fix for GarageBand failing to open after iOS 11 update

Apple is working to fix a glitch preventing some people from launching GarageBand — the company's simplified music creation tool — after updating to iOS 11, according to an online support document.

"Apple is aware of the issue, and is investigating solutions," the document reads. The problem appears to be related to iCloud, since a stopgap solution involves turning off the app's iCloud support via the Settings app.

With those functions off, new songs will only be saved locally, and users won't be able to access any existing tracks saved in iCloud Drive. The latter music will still be available once iCloud is switched back on.

Apple has encountered a variety of bugs with iOS 11, such as problems with Reachability. In fact the company has already issued three separate point releases, dealing with trouble like crackling audio on the iPhone 8 and haptic feedback on the iPhone 7.

GarageBand is free for any device running iOS 10.3 or later. It was last updated in June, despite the launch of iOS 11 on Sept. 19.