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As fans await update for 3-year-old Mac mini, Apple classifies mid-2011 models 'obsolete'

Apple on Monday updated its official list of "obsolete" products to add the mid-2011 Mac mini lineup, once again raising questions about what the company has planned, if anything, for its cheapest Mac.

The vintage and obsolete products page was updated to reflect the fact that the mid-2011 Mac mini is no longer supported by the company, meaning services and repairs are no longer offered.

Apple guarantees parts and service for products 5 years after it is no longer manufactured. After that, they become obsolete worldwide, with the exception of in California and Turkey, where laws require another two years of support.

Because of that, the mid-2011 Mac mini remains vintage in the U.S. and Turkey, but is obsolete elsewhere.

The most recent Mac mini update came in late 2014, more than three years ago. The product is infrequently updated and has long been the subject of speculation about cancelation, though it remains a part of the company's Mac lineup for the time being.

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller made comments earlier this year suggesting the Mac mini could eventually see a refresh, though he declined to offer more specifics. Schiller did label the Mac mini as an "important product."

While Apple has not said anything else regarding the future of the Mac mini, the company did preannounce an all-new Mac Pro with modular design expected to arrive in 2018. The company also revealed, in an uncharacteristic move, that it will get back into the display business with a successor to the now-discontinued Thunderbolt Display.