AppleCare+ price for iMac Pro remains unchanged at $169 despite new machine's cost

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Apple is making the decision for customers acquiring the iMac Pro to pick up AppleCare with their purchase easier, by keeping the price of the extended warranty service the same as for the iMac despite the increase in hardware cost.

According to the Apple online store's AppleCare+ for Mac page, the link to buy the service for the iMac Pro takes users to the page for the iMac, rather than a separate listing for the Pro product. It appears that Apple is equating both the iMac and iMac Pro for support purposes, with the associated costs of AppleCare+ kept identical for the two product ranges.

AppleCare+ for iMac and the iMac Pro costs $169, and can be used to extend the support coverage to three years, up from the standard one-year limited warranty and 90 days of complementary telephone support offered with all Mac purchases. AppleCare+ also includes coverage for two instances of accidental damage, with service fees of $99 for screen or external enclosure damage and $299 for other types of damage, excluding tax.

AppleInsider checked other regional versions of Apple's AppleCare pages to see if the policy is the same in other regions, and discovered it to be the case. The online stores in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and France all direct the AppleCare+ links for the iMac Pro to the iMac equivalent, indicating it to be company policy.

Notably, this means AppleCare+ for the iMac Pro is significantly cheaper than the coverage for the Mac Pro, which costs $249 in the United States with the same excess fees and service features.

While the cheap price for extra coverage is highly useful, it is possible Apple could introduce a separate AppleCare+ warranty specifically for the iMac Pro in the future, or even increase the price to counter the higher cost of components used inside the iMac Pro.

Sales of the iMac Pro commenced on Thursday, with models starting from $4,999.


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