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New York's 'P177Q iPad Band' breaks through learning disabilities

A public school in Queens, New York is reportedly using iPads to great success in teaching music to kids with learning disabilities, particularly autism.

A music class led by teacher Adam Goldberg has done so well that he's formed the "P177Q iPad Band," in which every non-vocal instrument is played on an iPad, according to CBS News. A TV segment on the class was highlighted on Twitter by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

CBS noted that a previously non-verbal student has become able to talk and even sing.

Part of the key to the endeavor is believed to be the iPad's visual feedback. Because kids can focus on stimulus as long as they need to, information is easier to absorb.

Apple has heavily promoted the iPad in the educational market, which is likely a big reason it released a $329 basic iPad earlier this year. School budgets are often tight, which has made it harder to sell the iPad over cheaper rival devices like Chromebooks.