AppleInsider podcast discusses Intel's bad week, Apple's iPhone battery situation, Chicago snow, Spotify, more

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Mike and a special guest discuss the three-pronged attack against modern CPUs, continues the iPhone battery debacle debate, delves into the $16 billion Spotify copyright lawsuit, and talks about the iMac Pro.

Over the course of an hour, AppleInsider editor Mike Wuerthele and special guest Charles Martin discusses:

  • As expected, Intel, and ARM's CPU flaw debacle leads the show. Both Mike and Charles expect that this will be a long-term problem, with no good solution for older hardware.
  • It turns out that Apple does have architects that understand Chicago winters, but perhaps not proper software settings to engage a fancy roof heating system.
  • Spotify might be in deep trouble, with a management company seeking $1.6 billion to right past wrongs.
  • Apple's battery saga appears to be winding down a bit, with the early start of $29 replacements for the iPhone 6 and newer — and a discussion on how the batteries work.
  • ... and if you want a battery regardless of how the diagnostics go, Apple will replace it anyway! Just be sure to make an appointment.
  • The iMac Pro is a gorgeous machine, with performance to boot. Mike talks about his brief hands on with a unit in an undisclosed Washington DC location.
  • Like winter, CES is coming. Prepare yourself.

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