Apple shares six short films created using 'powerful' iMac Pro [u]

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Looking to market the iMac Pro as "the most powerful Mac ever," Apple has published six short films made using the desktop as the primary tool.

The filmmakers include individuals such as Erin Sarofsky and Michelle Dougherty, and two full-scale studios, Buck and ManvsMachine. On top of the films themselves, Apple has also uploaded behind-the-scenes footage to expound on the Pro's professional appeal.

The company does acknowledge that extra hardware was used in the rendering of content, presumably because of the time it would take to output high-quality 3D on any desktop system.

The iMac Pro is part one of Apple's response to complaints the company was leaving professionals by the wayside, despite the preference many of them have for Macs. Until the iMac Pro came out last year, the company hadn't released any new pro-level desktops since 2013's Mac Pro redesign.

Due sometime this year is a new modular Mac Pro. Because of its cylindrical, ultra-compact design, the 2013 model was unable to keep up with technological advancements, potentially making Windows PCs attractive for their customization, price-to-performance ratio, and support for many of the same productivity apps.

Update: Apple has posted the films, trailers and behind-the-scenes footage to its YouTube channel.

Erin Sarofsky:




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