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Elevation Lab's CordDock is a hybrid dock for the iPhone with a detachable cable

Accessory producer Elevation Lab has launched the CordDock, a two-in-one accessory for the iPhone that provides the stability and utility of a typical smartphone dock, but combines it with the flexibility of using a cord for charging in a compact package.

The CordDock consists of a cable that can be plugged into the iPhone and the dock itself. The cable is able to be inserted into the dock while still connected to an iPhone, using spring-loaded ball detents to lock the cord in place and keep the iPhone upright.

Once the cable is secured, the iPhone can be removed from the dock with an upwards pull, freeing it from the cable at the same time. Alternately, leaning the iPhone forward while in the dock will allow the use to lift the iPhone while keeping the cord attached, allowing for it to be used while still charging.

Able to accept cases up to 4 millimeters in thickness, the dock is claimed to be the smallest available for the iPhone, and boasts an extremely small footprint. To keep the machined stainless steel and reinforced polymer dock in place, the NanoPad base uses micro air-suction instead of adhesive to secure itself to a surface.

The supplied Lightning cable is Apple MFi certified with an Apple-made connector, one which terminates at a 90-degree angle to position the iPhone vertically when placed into the dock. The braided cord measures 6 feet in length, potentially giving users a decent range when undocked from the dock.

The Elevation Lab CordDock is available to purchase from the firm's website for $39, or in a three-pack for $99.