Apple targets Android switchers with two new iPhone ads

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The two ads continue Apple's recent "Switch to iPhone" campaign, which specifically urges non-iOS users to defect to Apple from the competition

The first 15-second ad, titled "Portraits," features a pair of portraits on a wall, marked "your phone" and "iPhone," each with a young woman featured. Upon noticing the "iPhone" woman's use of the Portrait Lighting feature, the woman in the "your phone" photo moves into the "iPhone" portrait, as the phrase "amazing portraits" appears on screen.

The second ad features a similar split-screen setup, with "Your Store" and "App Store" on each side. Lining the shelves of each store are goods resembling app icons. A woman takes one of the icons off the shelf on the "Your Store" side and it blows blue powder in her face. She then walks over to the "App Store" section as the "Your Store" shelf collapses and the word "safer" appears.

The first Switch to iPhone ads appeared in February to promote the safety and environmental benefits of the latest devices. They recall the "Switch" ad campaign that Apple launched to promote PC-to-Mac switches in 2002, although "Switch" has been part of Apple's online messaging all along.