Speaker manufacturer Leon shows its work for Apple Park's 367 'huddle rooms'

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Leon Speakers, in a new promotional video, shows how it installed the custom audio in common and meeting spaces in Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino.

Leon Speakers, the Michigan-based manufacturer of high-end speakers for the custom installation market, received the coveted contract to install the audio system at Apple Park, Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino. In a new video, posted to its YouTube channel, Leon shared how they installed more than 700 speakers in 367 "huddle rooms" at the new building.

In the video, titled Designing the Collaborative Workspace For Apple Park, Leon's commercial sales director Mike Fencil talks about how the company met the challenge, once they were named the speaker provider in the spring of 2016.

We see blueprints for the speakers, as well as footage of their actual assembly in the lab. The 734 speakers, in the Horizon and Profile Ultima line, were built in under three months.

"When we think about Apple, we think about innovation, imagination, design," Fencil said. "And for us, that's what we share. So we knew really early on that we were going to have an opportunity to collaborate in a way where most others couldn't."

He went on to state that Leon and Apple share a focus on design, which made getting it right important to them.


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