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iPhone 7 survives two day 30-foot submergence, text at depth alerts diver

Thanks to the magic of waterproof cases, an iPhone 7 lost overboard during a vacation not only got a text message alerting a diver to its location, but kept 84 percent battery life through the ordeal.

A scuba diver this week was stunned to make a discovery on a dive off the coast of Dorset, England- a lost iPhone that lit up when a text came through.

According to The Daily Mirror,, and assorted other reports, diver Cerys Hearsey noticed something lighting up on the seabed roughly 30 feet down from the water. It was an iPhone, in a waterproof case receiving a text message.

Upon returning to the surface with her find, Hearsey scrolled through the contacts. The owner lives in Canada, but lost the phone on a kayaking expedition.

The cousin of the owner was determined to be Rob Smith, a UK resident. Hearsey returned it to Smith, and the iPhone is in the process of being returned to the owner through international mail.

The cousin, who thought the phone was lost for good after the two-day dunk not only is getting it back, but as a bonus got to be part of an international news story.

The phone is an iPhone 7, according to the Sun. While the make and model of the waterproof case is unknown, it certainly did its job in this instance. AppleInsider suggests that the case manufacturer contact Smith, as it appears the next ad copy for the case is already written.

Apple has reportedly worked on making iPhones and other devices that are themselves waterproof, with a patent approved last month for "Sealed accessories for electronic devices."