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Everything new with the camera in iOS 12

Inside iOS 12, the camera app is gaining a wealth of new functionality, not the least of which is noticeable improvements to performance on older handsets. AppleInsider digs in to see what to expect new with the camera on iOS 12.

First, which has been Apple's biggest talking point, is the speed increases. On our iPhone X the camera app certainly seemed speedy when swiping from the home screen or opening the app directly, but older handsets will see more dramatic results. Apple is saying up to 70 percent faster launch times.

Within Messages, there is the most changes to the camera. One of the most obvious things is the change of the camera and Photos buttons. Photos has now upgraded to its own iMessage app with access to memories albums and more. This is going to take quite a bit to get used to, but it does seem to be a better experience.

When shooting a photo, there are now new live filters and effects that can be used. This includes text bubbles that track your head movements, stickers, shapes and arrows, and even Animoji. Animoji can be placed over your head and the True Depth camera will track your movements and keep the character glued to your shoulders.

Camera Portrait Lighting

Portrait Lighting has improved with better results when taking pictures. A new developer API has also been released that helps break down the individual layers of a photo taken in Portrait Mode — separating the subject from the background.

Though not necessarily camera-centric, there are new Animoji coming in iOS 12. Even MeMoji which allow users to recreate themselves as a personalized Animoji character. It could be a direct representation or something outlandish. The customization options seem endless.

Lastly, new QR code shortcuts exist. They are now in both the 3D Touch menu of the Camera app icon and an option within Control Center. They don't do anything different than opening the camera app manually, but it should help people realize the functionality exists.

Apple is set to release iOS 12 this fall, likely after their September 12th event where new iPhones are expected to be released.