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Take a tour of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR — and Apple Park — in this video

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Apple on Friday posted a "Guided Tour" of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR to its official YouTube channel, showing off the hardware's latest features in a video almost identical to one shot for iPhone X in 2017. Unlike last year's instructional guide, the short shared today takes place in and around Apple Park's main office building, offering an inside look at facilities normally restricted to employees.

Hosted by Apple Park Visitor Center manager Mackenzie Yates, the five and a half minute video walks new and prospective buyers through iPhone's major functions, features and additions. Yates led users through Apple's iPhone X guided tour last November.

The brief promo hits on the handsets' headline features, including device navigation via gestures, Face ID, Portrait Mode photos with Depth Control, dual SIM capability, Group FaceTime, Memoji, Apple Pay and more.

Perhaps more interesting to Apple fans is an inside look at Apple Park's main "spaceship" structure and surrounding environs. Yates covers each new iPhone as she strolls through the headquarters, at times plucking out passersby to help demonstrate features like Face ID and Portrait Mode.

The video kicks off in what appears to be the spaceship's lobby, where Yates introduces iPhone XS, XS Max and XR to viewers, pointing out the latter's palette of color options. Yates continues the tour in a first floor hallway, showing off gesture controls as she walks by meeting rooms. Leather chairs set up in pairs line the hall and look out into the central, tree-filled courtyard.

Next, the video moves through the building's cafeteria, where Yates demonstrates Face ID setup and Apple Pay.

The tour continues in the courtyard near Apple Park's outdoor eatery. Walking along one of the facility's winding paths, Yates stops a passing employee to test out Portrait Mode with Depth Control. A chair fronting the building's man-made pond serves as a good pitstop to explain dual SIM setup and usage.

The video concludes with Yates on the exterior of the spaceship, where she details Memoji, Group FaceTime and Siri.